We wanted to learn a “self defence” system that actually worked on the street using skills that most people naturally had and could use without much training.

With a lot of research into different “systems”, we are please to have found KAPAP and Senshido.

KAPAP/Lotar appealed to us because of its no frills approach to self defence. The fact that the techniques had been tried and tested in extremely hostile situations by the Israeli Army made us feel confident that they would work and we know that they do.

Senshido delves deeper into the physical and athletic components of the 5 ranges (Kicking, Boxing, Close Quarter Combat, Grappling and Ground Fighting) and is bio-mechanically more enhanced as it is offered in longer periods of time (months or years) for people who wish to continuously train and improve as fighters on a holisitc level. As Apollo Creed from the famed ‘ROCKY’ series stated in Rocky 3, there is a big difference between a great fighter and someone who fights great. Senshido will provide you with finer developed tools to become a ‘great fighter’.

I am a UK Head Instructor and also UK Technical DIrector in KAPAP/Lotar Martial Arts and CQB and was trained by Kapapacademy.

Debbie is also a Kapap Instructor (with a license to teach) and was trained by Major (Res) Avi Nardia and Albert Timen. Debbie was the first female licensed instructor in Europe.

We are registered members of the (IKF) and the Tel Aviv University. The International KAPAP Federation is based in Israel with its sole representative in the USA – KAPAP ACADEMY.

We are also pleased to be affiliates of Richard Dimitri’s Senshido system after training in Canada under Rich at the Senshido headquarters school in Montreal. Senshido is held in the highest regard by most world class RBSD instructors.

Craig is also a Black Belt in BJJ with Arlans Siqueira and also a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kempo Ju Jitsu.

We are also qualified ABA Boxing Tutors, this enables us to teach and deliver the ABA boxing awards.

Our classes include and are not limited to, defence against weapons, chokes, strangles, arm locks and groundwork, defense against the most common attacks on the street, confrontation management skills, natural stance awareness, the pre-emptive strike, ambushes, sucker punches, Senshido’s 5 Principals of physical retaliation™, The Opportunity Drill™ and more, drawing on many elements of our varied Martial Arts experiences.

Combined with the tactical and strategic breakthroughs of Rich Dimitri’s Senshido and his unique close-quarter combat tool known as The Shredder™.

Although we take the business of self defence very seriously, we think it is vitally important that our classes are enjoyable and that all the students look forward to coming back.

We are also registered with the British All Styles Kickboxing Association and the AMA. Myself and Debbie are both Black Belts in this sport, we also run Kickboxing classes twice times a week.

We have both been interested and involved in a variety of sports and various martial arts from a very early age.

I played water polo for England and Great Britain – training in the water for four hours every day and travelling all over the country to compete against countless teams. A long time before this, I was awarded a two miles swimming certificate when I was just eight years old.

I also played football each week and had a trial for Sheffield United Football Club. Though I didn’t make the team, I have since scored myself and Debbie an SUFC season ticket.

Also in my younger days I was an amateur boxer at Croft House Club in Sheffield. Since then I have trained with Sheffield middleweight boxer Herol “Bomber” Graham.

I ran cross country for Yorkshire, again travelling all over the country to compete.

I worked as a bouncer on the doors of Sheffield’s pubs and nightclubs for seven years – a period in which I learned a great deal of control and restraint techniques.

My Martial Art background is varied and I started in Shukokai Karate, training in Sheffield with Stan Knight for many years. Debbie started in Shotokan Karate with Ronnie Watt 8th Dan in Aberdeen.

During a period of living and working in Scotland I took up Judo and Tae Kwon Do and practised these disciplines for seven years. I enjoyed these Martial Arts and have taken some good points out of them to help me with my self defence training today.

I took second place in the North East of Scotland ground fighting championships (lost on points).

I am experienced in Thai Boxing – Muay Thai and trained each week at Sheffield’s Wicker Camp where I trained with Christian Di Paulo who is World Champion at 80kg.

I have also participated in numerous Charity Boxing bouts and also fought in MMA shows.

We also train ourself in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Craig is a Black Belt with Arlans Siqueira) and also trained at Glyn Rhodes boxing gym in Sheffield.

I am also currently training in Wrestling and BJJ in Canada.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about us and hope to see you at one of our classes, seminars, private or group tuitions.

Craig and Debbie