Are you interested in learning to defend yourself against muggings, multiple attackers, weapons attacks (knife, stick, and firearms), and trained fighters (like boxers and grapplers)?

Or would you like to learn edged and impact weapons tactics, joint manipulation and limb destruction techniques, throws and takedowns, striking techniques or ground fighting tactics?

If your answer to either question or both, is “YES” you have come to the right place.

The primary goal of our personal protection, self defence classes, is to enhance survivability, health and conditioning.

For men and women from all walks of life…. Strassegym has a self protection system for everyone!

Strassegym covers all ranges of hand to hand combat, Close Quarter Combat, ground fighting, grappling, boxing, and kicking tools which are fundamentally explored and trained in a realistic manner.

Our training curriculum is designed to enhance your survivability. You will learn to heighten your awareness and accurately read your intuition in order to avoid violence, aggression and confrontation.

You will learn to de-escalate and defuse a potential aggressive or violent situation using psychological warfare and strategy.

You will also learn to physically defend yourself against the most common attacks on the street if avoidance and de-escalation failed.

Kapap and Senshido have a long and credible history and are regarded by many as the best self-defence system’s around. We know that these systems work and that they work under stress conditions.

All our techniques have been tried and tested in real life situations.

When training with us you can be rest assured that you are learning principals with proven effectiveness. The skills are quickly learned and never forgotten since we use the natural reflexive response mechanism as a starting point and abide by the physiological rules that govern the human body.

The systems that we teach are constantly tested and updated with the most current skills available ie: legal, mental and physical.

In our classes we offer a no nonsense down to earth training that has stripped away the non essentials. There are no belts, no uniforms, no memorised movements, no competitions and no politics.

Our training methods teach self defence principles that work regardless of the threat or technique they are simple to learn and easy to remember.

We use realistic training scenarios that are based on actual case studies so you know that you are going to receive practical skills that work in the real world. The systems that we teach are the latest know how from the specialist fields of security, anti terrorism, police tactics, modern warfare and most of all realistic urban/street fighting.

Kapap’s philosophy is that no one has the right to interfere with you with malicious intent and anyone who does, should be dealt with immediately and aggressively – the priority being that you are safe and secure at the end of the day.

Senshido Principles are based on natural patterns of psychological & physical defenses, as well as human behaviour in relation to extreme violence, aggression, desperation, drugs and alcohol.

These principles have been acquired through real life experiences and extensive research, as well as countless interviews with rape and assault victims and individuals in high-risk occupations.

Whether you are a housewife or a security professional, we have a program that will enable you to achieve your personal security goals and meet your self-defence needs.