Senshido Seminars

Richard Dimitri “Senshido” Seminar February 2009

Thanks to Richard Dimitri, the founder of Senshido Combative Science Technologies, another fantastic seminar was held at our Gym.

The seminar included in-depth De-esculation, Knife Defense, Multiple Attackers, Scenario Replication and the hugely popular The Shredder™.

An awesome weekend was had by all, and I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the next time Rich comes over here.

Many thanks to Senshido Affiliates Rodolphe Fiardi and Adam Cooper, and everyone else who came here to train with us. We really appreciate this.

Richard Dimitri “Senshido” Seminar March 2008

Richard Dimitri the founder of Senshido and also one of the top Reality Based Self-Defence (RBSD) Self-Defence (RBSD) instructors in the world, came to our club in Sheffield.

Rich ran a two day seminar which covered “the difference between self-defence and ‘fighting'”, “the shredder”, “behavioural science concepts”, “Passive Strategy”, “Flinch response drills”, “target acquisition”, “scenarios and tactile sensitivity training drills” to name a few.

Thanks to all who attended, we really appreciate this, especially those who travelled so far to learn from Rich.

Richard Dimitri “Senshido” Seminar October 2007

Richard Dimitri is the founder of Senshido and is also one of the top five Reality Based Self-Defense (RBSD) instructors in the world.

We were pleased to have attended his UK seminar held in Epping, Essex in October 07.

Some of our students also attended this event and have the bruises to prove it – many thanks to you all for supporting us and Senshido