White Collar MMA Sheffield October 2017

We were lucky enough to have been chosen by White Collar MMA who run organised MMA Fights for Charity around the UK.

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At the end of the 8 weeks training you will be evenly matched with an opponent of equal experience and fight on a professionally run show.


  • Danny Field (win) v Tom Harrison
  • Lewis Lisle v Dave Soar (win)
  • Nathan Booth (win) v Ryan Kelly
  • Leon Bolden v Brad Anson (win)
  • Marek Yunas (win) v Conal Murray Dunning
  • Matt Cutts (win) v (Reece Ellis)
  • Sonny Darby (win) v Tom Hurst
  • Ricky Hurst (win) v Brad Smark
  • Dave Brittle v Josh Almond (win)
  • Rob Sheperd v Lee Wild (win)

Thanks to you all for your commitment and dedication to training, you were all awesome..

Charity Boxing Evening Nov 2013

Congratulations to Craig for stepping in at the last minute to help the Charity Boxing show at Bramhall Lane.

Charity Boxing Evening Nov 2008

Last year we raised £10,000 and we are looking for the same again this time around.

Money raised will be donated to Sheffield Hospital’s Neurocare appeal and to Ella’s Fund, set up by the family of young Sheffield girls Ella Firth, from Charnock, who is battling a brain tumour.

It aims to raise money for Neurocare and for th PACT charity, which helps the families of children with tumours.


Charity Boxing Evening December 2007

Have you ever thought what walking to that ring would be like?

They start to play your music, you hear the roar of approval – your approval.
It sends a shiver down your spine and you focus hard.
Up ahead you see the MC holding a piece of paper. As you walk through the crowd familiar faces shout words of encouragement.
Then you’re in the ring and the referee starts barking orders about wanting a good clean fight. His words go over your head because you are eyeball to eyeball with your opponent.
You walk back to your corner, your heart bursting, knowing that when that bell goes you’ve got to come out fighting……

Tonight here at Sheffield’s Grosvenor House Hotel, you will be taking part in – believe me – one of the biggest challenges of your life. You will be doing something that many people wish they had the courage to do, climbing up those three steps into a boxing ring.

This will be the final step in what have been many weeks of hard training. Sometimes you didn’t feel like training, sometimes you felt sick after training and at times it did go through your mind to quit and not bother with it.
But you didn’t quit and here we are tonight for what will be a night you will remember for the rest of your life, and when you are old and grey you won’t be sat in your old people’s nursing home telling your grandkids about what you did at work, you will be sat there telling them about the time you climbed up in to a boxing ring, and how it felt being in there.

All the money raised tonight will be donated to Ella’s Fund and Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Ella was diagnosed in February 07 with an aggressive brain tumour and underwent three operations in a matter of days. Since then she has endured intensive courses of radiotherapy and chemotherapy in a bid to halt the cancer. Ella’s parents Jo and Rob are determined to show their gratitude to staff at Sheffield Children’s Hospital and have organised many fund raising events since February.

We at Sheffield Boxing Centre became aware of Ella’s Fund through an article that appeared in the Sheffield Telegraph in September – just reading about Jo and Rob’s fund raising efforts inspired us to “do our bit” by putting on tonight’s show, which we hope will do Ella proud.

Finally as someone who has climbed up those three steps on many occasions, I would just like to say how much I admire you for taking part in tonight’s promotion. I would also like to congratulate John McCormack on all his hard work in putting together tonight’s show; trust me I know how hard it is to organise a show like tonight’s. Well done John.

So all that leaves me to say is good luck and at the sound of the bell, come out fighting and protect yourself at all times.

Glyn “showboat” Rhodes MBE

Craig fought Paul Wilson which turned out to be the fight of the night – congratulations to Craig and Paul on a draw.

Good on Dave Needham for stepping into the ring – as Glyn says above – “You will be doing something that many people wish they had the courage to do, climbing up those three steps into a boxing ring”.

Kapapsheffield would also like to congratulate and thank all the boxers that took part in this event

Many thanks to Glyn Rhodes, Bob Cottrell, Steve Sidebottom, Matt Mowatt, Christian DiPaulo and all of Glyn’s boxers for their support.

We would also like to thank all our students and friends who turned up to the event to support Craig and the Charity.

Also a very big thankyou to Sacha Matthews who made Craigs day by asking for his autograph, see her photo above.

Various other Photos from the show